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Guild Announcement
Attention to all guild members: I am currently looking for peeps to start recording our guild pvp. In the DAoC Links section to the left please download and install Bandicam(it's free) and start recording our fights. Record our guild fights, your personal 1v1's, smallman's, gank sessions or just whatever. LETS DO THIS.

I would also like to be able to make a hall of shame video that has people like Floor and all the wallhackers in it. How cool would it be to spam that shit on PostCount and embarass them for being exploiting jackasses.

p.s. If anyone is good at video editing and throwing some badass music in there too then let me know. I want to make this happen!

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Guild Rules - Must Read
New Guild Rules

1. Drama: No sir, We don't want any. None. Zip. Zero. Zilch! 

2. Fun: Yeah... We are here to have fun.

3. Respect: 
        A: Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. 
        B: Do NOT disrespect another member of the guild by being hateful or degrading them. 
        C: If you are having a bad day then dont bring it into the guild. Go anon and don't group up. 
        D: If you have a problem with someone then you need address it with them personally not in /gu /as or /group chats. If you can't resolve it yourself then get an Officer or GM to help you.

4. Groups are first come first serve. We will NOT ask someone to leave just so a guildee can join the group instead.

5. Grouping: 
        A: There are 7 other people in the group besides yourself. Everyone else is also there to have fun and earn RP's as well.

        B: Leave your E-Peen out of the group. Yes we know YOU are the best player in DAoC, and everyone else should always listen to you because you are that good. We also know that if Xxxx would play their class better then you would have beaten those 42 albs almost single-handedly. It's a guild and sometimes people wont be that good at their chars. Adjust your Strategy and attitude and get over it.

        C: From now on the group leader is in charge of setting up the group. It will be their call what classes will be allowed in the group. Suggestions on certain classes are allowed but that is ultimately up to the group leader. 

        D: If you are asked to change to a certain character that is needed in the group and don't want to then dont be upset if you are asked to leave the group to fill that position. There will be times that we will be able to get your 1L5 Summoning SM in the group but maybe not right now. Higher RR characters are more viable to groups so dont expect us to RP PL your lowbie chars if they dont fit in the group. See A please.

        E: When you join a group please be ready to play in that group how you are asked. If the leader wants you to Disease and Buff only then do it. If your on your uber DPS class and are asked to BG a caster, then do it. If he wants you to roam and not be on the assist train then do it. Do what your asked and play how your asked. Group kills are more important then your deathblows. See B.

        F: Be ready to RvR. You will need a lvl 50 toon, Labby Ports already setup with macro's, ML's, Full Template, Ventrillo w/mic, Long Wind 1, Invig Pots, Heroism Pots, Mana Pots, Water Pots, and DON'T go afk every 5 minutes.

        G: If group is full then we will keep a list so as members leave we can fill spots. See D. We dont always want a sidecar or second group to run with us. If you dont want to wait then feel free to make your own group or join another. There is always NF as well.

        H: During RvR keep the chit-chat in vent to a minimum. While the group is engaged in combat there should only be 2 people talking, Driver and MA. If you are a slow talker then type it in guild chat if its not relevant to pvp. Use group and Guild chat if your telling jokes or smack-talking. 

        I: Trust me when I tell you that the healers dont need to hear you say you are mezzed or 
silenced. The UI they use shows them this probably before you look up to see why you can move. Persoanlly mine shows different colors on your name like Green = Poison, Blue = Mezzed, Purple = Silenced and Orange = Diseased. No need to yell that you are dying either... Trust me the healers see this and will try to keep everyone alive if possible. They dont like seeing their group mates die and feel that they arent good enough to keep them up, probably more then you dislike dying. 

        J: If you think you can do a better job then start your own group and step up to the plate. Dont talk shit about other players in the guild. If you haven't ever played a healer then don't even think about criticizing the ones in your group. If you haven't even tried leading a group then keep your mouth shut about your driver.


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